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New Gorilla Tracking Permit Rates Announced for 2014

Source: E-Trip Africa

Published: July 8, 2013

Today a Senior Official from the Uganda Wildlife Authority confirmed that gorilla tracking permits will increase from $500 per permit to $600, starting January 1st, 2014.  For several months the agency has been discussing the implications associated with raising park entry fees and fees for special activities, such as Gorilla Tracking.

“The difficult economic situation of the country has put a great deal of pressure for our government to find new sources of revenue,” stated the official.  “In addition we hope the new revenue sources will help us to better protect our wildlife and natural resources.”

It has been made clear that Uganda still has no intention in respecting an informal agreement with its neighbor Rwanda, which called for both countries to charge the same price for permits.  Mountain Gorilla Tracking permits are a limited resources that are in high demand, especially with the program in the Democratic Republic of Congo currently closed due to internal conflict within the region.

While this announcement was not a surprise to the Tourism Industry, it comes on the heels of last minute 18% tax that has been levied on accommodations throughout the country. 

“The growth of the young tourism industry in Uganda has consistently outperformed its neighbors in East Africa.  This was primarily due to the ability of tourists to get exceptional value for money.  With these new taxes and fees, the industry will probably stop growing,” explained Professor Berndien Lubb.

All permits that are paid in full before January 1st, 2014 will be charged at the current rate of $500.