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Kyaguliro Gorilla Group has a New Baby

Source: Gorilla Doctors

Published: July 14th, 2013

On a routine health monitoring visit to the Kyaguliro group on July 12th 2013. The group was found in the Nyabayonza area, at an altitude of 2302 meters. They were feeding about 50 meters from their nesting point on our arrival. We observed the gorillas for 4 hours and left the group feeding in the same area.

The group was inside the primary/ closed forest in an area with a lot of shrubs. They travelled for a short distance through shrubs dominated by Mimulopsis arborescens and then to primary forest again. They fed on; Ipomea sp (leaves), Momordica sp (leaves), Mimulopsis arborescens (pith), Epiphytes (leaves), Triumfetta sp (leaves), Droguertia iners (leaves and shoots), Urera hypselodendron (peel) and others.

Dominant silverback Rukina was resting with his family while second silverback Rukara was feeding at the rear of the group. Rukina briefly charged as trackers approached the group but later settled to feed. Rukara travelled ahead of the group with blackback Kabandize, as blackback Mukiza trailed after them. All the females, infants and juveniles were with Rukina at all times.

There are 19 gorillas in this group. There’s a newborn baby for adult female Mugenyi, born July 5th. She had her baby wrapped tightly in her arms during feeding and travel. The newborn was only 7 days old and only wriggling movements were seen (within normal limits). There were no injuries seen in the group, nor any sign of ill-health.