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The Bweza Gorilla Family is Now Ready For Visitors

Source: E-Trip Africa

Published: December 13, 2012

Uganda Wildlife Officials announced yesterday that the Bweza Gorilla Family will soon be ready for tourists to visit the group in the Southern Sector of Bwindi National Park.  The family is made up of 1 Silverback, 3 adult females, 1 juvenile and 2 infants.

The Bweza group split from the mother family of Nshongi on the 1st of August, 2012.  However, park officials were skeptical about announcing the presence of this new group, as the rangers reported behavior that suggested that the group would eventually rejoin the Nshongi group.

After several months of observation and trial visits, the Uganda Wildlife Authority has decided that the family is now ready for Gorilla tracking.  The process of habituating a new gorilla family typically takes over 2 years.  However, since the group broke away from the already habituated Nshongi group, the process was much faster.

The Bweza group is an important addition to the community, particularly during the seasons when gorilla permits are hard to find.  Now 8 more visitors per day will have the opportunity to see one of the rarest animals in the world.