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Low Season Discounted Gorilla Permits Offered Again

Source: E-Trip Africa

Published: August 1, 2013

Our sources within the Uganda Wildlife Authority have informed E-Trip Africa that they will again be offering discounted low season permits.  These permits will be for those wishing to Track Mountain Gorillas in November 2013 and April and May of 2014

The rates for these special permits will reflect a 30% discount.  Thus, in November permits will be sold at $350 per person and in April and May the permits will be $400 per person.

“The response was well received last year when we offered these permits,” said our source.  “We prefer that everyone, even those on a tight budget, have the chance to experience the magic of tracking Mountain Gorillas.”

Discounted permits were offered in November of 2012 and in April and May of 2013.  This drove a significant increase in travelers to the region, especially as the world economic crisis has made it more difficult for people to travel like they used to.