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Summit Success Rates

After hundreds of ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru, and Mt. Kenya, we realized that climbers often have a life changing experience, many coming down a different person than the one that setoff.  The feelings and emotions experienced during a trek are quite complex, often quite different from one trekker to another.

Some trekkers, particularly on Mount Kilimanjaro, report having gone through a spiritual awakening during the trek to Uhuru Peak.

These experiences are likely a result of the time one has to reflect while facing a challenging experience in a completely unknown environment.  The grandiose landscapes often bring things into perspective leading one to wonder just trivial an individual actually is.  For many, this trip is the first time to actually be in an impoverished area, thus leaving them with plenty to reflect on.  And of course the effects of altitude surely play some role in this whole process.

E-Trip Africa has worked in partnership with Africa Yoga Project to develop a trekking series that incorporates yoga, stretching, breathing exercises and guided meditation for treks on Mt. Kilimanjaro and on Mt. Kenya.  The Yoga Trek starts with a yoga session the day before the trek begins and gradually moves from Yoga Postures towards breathing exercises and meditation as we reach higher elevations.

During the trek you will be accompanied by a fully trained Yoga Instructor trained by the Africa Yoga Project.  Your instructor will lead morning and afternoon sessions that incorporate stretching, breathing exercises, meditation and Yoga Postures that are appropriate for the altitude.

Join one of our Group Yoga Treks​ or inquire​ about adding a Yoga Instructor to your private trek.  As part of our commitment to improving lives through Yoga, E-Trip Africa will contribute 25% of our profits from our Yoga Treks to fund scholarships for motivated East Africans to attend a Yoga Teacher Training program run by Africa Yoga Project.

Kilimanjaro Yoga Group Treks

July 6-14, 2015 via Machame 7
Aug 11-20, 2015 via Lemosho 8
Sept 10-18, 2015 via Machame 7
Oct 3-12, 2015 via Lemosho 8
Nov 20-28, 2015 via Rongai 7
Dec 26- Jan 3 via Machame 7

Add a Yoga Instructor

Why not add a Yoga Instructor to your Private Kilimanjaro Trek?