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Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda’s largest protected area, Murchison Falls National Park was once regarded as East Africa’s most compelling national parks.  However, during the dark years under the rule of Amin, the wildlife was nearly wiped out.  Since the early 90’s conservation efforts have been rather successful with much of the wildlife returning to healthy populations. 

Among the 76 mammal species recorded in the park are Lion, Elephant, Hippo, Buffalo, Hartebeest, Ugandan Kob, Warthog, Giraffe, Chimpanzee, Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Reedbuck, Baboon, Leopard, Hyena, Orbi, Jackal, and Vervet Monkey.   Over 460 species of bird have been confirmed in the park.

The 1,482 sq miles that make up Murchison Falls National Park (also known as Kabarega National Park) is located 160 miles North of Kampala. 

Murchison Falls Accommodations