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Ishasha Plains

Although it is often bypassed by most tourists, the Ishasha Plains provide some of the best game viewing in the country.  Best known for its tree-climbing lion population, which currently consists of some 40 lions split into 3 prides, Ishasha is unique as this tree-climbing behavior can be observed year round.

The area boasts sizable populations of Ugandan Kob, Topi, Buffalo, Waterbuck, Bushbuck, and seasonal herds of Elephants.  The bird life is quite impressive, particularly along the marshy shores of Lake Edwards.

Ishasha Plains is conveniently located between Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National Parks.  While it is tempting to explore the area while in transit between the two, we highly recommend an overnight in the area.  From Kampala it takes around 7 hours to drive to Ishasha Plains.

Ishasha Accommodations