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Erika Bauschke

Projected Summit Date : June 9th, 2013

Route : Machame 7 Day

Home Town : Libertyville, IL

Climbing For : Mailisita Foundation

My name is Erika Bauschke. I am 22 years old currently studying nursing at Southern Illinois University. I love being active, being outside, and traveling- which is why I am so excited to have this opportunity to climb Mount Kili! The reason why I am even able to make this journey is because of my father, who passed away three years ago.

He was diagnosed with a rare disease by the name of Amyloidosis, a disease that attacked his big and great heart. He left my sisters and I with a decent inheritance, which I know he would have wanted me to see the world with being a traveler himself. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him. I love meeting new people and being social, although I can be a little quiet at first. I am hardworking, independent, and fun-loving.

I am covering all the costs associated with my climb so 100% of your donation goes to the Mailisita Foundation and is US tax deductible since the Mailisita Foundation is a US recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Help Erika reach her goal of raising $500  for the Mailista Foundation​.

100% of funds raised go directly to the Mailista Foundation.  All travel and climb expenses have been paid for by Erika.

Trek : Mt. Kilimanjaro
Route : Machame
Climb Duration : 7 Days
Climb Length : 37 Miles
Max Altitude : 19,341 Ft.
Coldest Temp : - 8 F