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Dave Braun

Projected Summit Date : June 9th, 2013

Route : Machame 7 Day

Home Town : Green Oaks, IL

Home Town : Libertyville, IL

Climbing For : Mailisita Foundation

Jambo!  My name is Dave Braun.  I'm a 58 year old retired father of 4, grandfather of 2.  I stay active volunteering with various ministries at St. Joseph Church in Libertyville, like the Mailisita Foundation, ASP (Appalachia Service Project), and various projects around the home.

My wife, Glenda, and I became involved with the Mailisita Foundation over 7 years ago.  We made our first trip to Tanzania in 2008 to  finish  work  on the  first  set of classrooms at the Stella Maris School and began construction on the Stella Maris Guesthouse.  Once we were there, we fell in love with the children.  We knew we had to continue being involved with this endeavor to help these children have a chance for a better life.  They have so many hardships to deal with at such a young age, including the death of one or both of their parents, living in extreme poverty, hunger, health issues, and the lists go on and on.

Since our first trip, I've been back 3 times including last year when Glenda came back for the second time.  We sponsor a girl and co-sponsor a boy so they can attend the Stella Maris School.  It's been wonderful developing a relationship with each one of them while we are there.  I've seen such a change in them as well as in the other children; the look of excitement in their eyes and a smile on their faces as they come to school to learn and grow.  They are always excited to see us when we come.  Whether for working on the school, the guesthouse or just simply to play with them on the playground or work with them on their studies, they always seem to appreciate our visit.  How can one not be touched by their smiling faces and unconditional love!

Every time I've been to the project I notice how everyone, including myself, marvel at Mt. Kilimanjaro whenever it shows its face.  It becomes a talking point throughout the day as we get glimpses of it or walk part way up it's foothills to Kobosho Hospital.  I'm excited about finally getting the opportunity to trek to the top of the mountain, and I can't think of a better reason to do it than for the benefit of the children of Stella Maris.  Please join me in supporting this fantastic effort to change the lives of these beautiful children.

I am covering all the costs associated with my climb so 100% of your donation goes to the Mailisita Foundation and is US tax deductible since the Mailisita Foundation is a US recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization.  I hope you will be generous to help these kids.  Asante Sana!!

Help Dave reach his  goal of raising $5,000 for the Mailista Foundation.

100% of funds raised go directly to the Mailista Foundation​.  All travel and climb expenses have been paid for by Dave.

Trek : Mt. Kilimanjaro
Route : Machame
Climb Duration : 7 Days
Climb Length : 37 Miles
Max Altitude : 19,341 Ft.
Coldest Temp : - 8 F